How Do I Delete All of My Existing Product Photos and use Photo Finish Instead

Are you looking to delete all of you existing photos and start fresh with Photo Finish? 

If so we've got a step-by-step guide that showcases just how to do that. 

  1. Get an export of all of your products from Shopify.
    1. Log onto Shopify's Backend 
    2. Go to Products --> All Products: 
    3. Then at the very top hit export: 
    4. Click --> all products --> export as --> CSV for Excel, Numbers, or other spreadsheet program
    5. Once you've got the Export you can go ahead and clear all the information in the columns labeled:
    6. Image src
    7. Image Position 
    8. Variant Image
  2. *Be sure not to delete these columns just clear all the data so it will look like this
  3. Once you've got those three columns all clear now you can enter some image src url's that will fail. Essentially we are tricking the system so it deletes all of the images. 
    1. To do this we'll add in the Image src column. *You only need one of these per product: 
    2. We do this for all the products where you want to delete their images. 
  4. Next we import this back into Shopify. 
    1. Log onto Shopify's Backend 
    2. Go to Products --> All Products: 
  5. Then at the very top hit import: 
    1. *Make sure "Overwrite any current products that have the same handle..." Is checked, add the file and click upload and continue: 
  6. Shopify will start deleting product in the background. 
  7. When completed Shopify will send you an email when all the products have been successfully updated: 
  8. Once you get that email you can then go back into products do another export as we did in Step 1
  9. Once you've got the export simply import it into Photo Finish and run the application and we'll match all your new photos with your existing products. 

Extra Credit:

  1. Growth Hack: Don't want to edit all your products? Want to manually edit just a few? You can also click and select the exact products you'd like to work with from the all product screen then hit Selected: Products and hit export products

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