Get Started Step-by-Step Guide

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to get started with Photo Finish: 

  1. When you first land on the app you're going to see a screen like this: 
  2. The next step is to connect to Dropbox, Click "Connect to Dropbox": 

  3. Enter your Dropbox Email and Password and login.
  4. Once you authorize the app we create a new folder in your Dropbox named Photo Finish. Upload your product photos to that folder.
  5. Name all photos using either the variant SKU or barcode. For example, if the SKU for a variant is 1234, name the photo  1234.png. If you have two photos for variant 1234, name the photos  1234_1.png and  1234_2.png.
  6. Now head back to the app and you'll see that your Dropbox account has been authenticated.
  7. Now simply hit Get Photos:
  8. Depending on how many photos this may take a little while, so be patient. 
  9. Once the app has retrieved all of your photos you'll see this message: 
  10. No choose whether you named you images by SKU or Barcode: 
  11. Then you need to grab your product CSV. 
  12. To do that click the CTA (store's Product page) in the app or go to your Shopify backend and hit Products --> All Products: 

  13. Now either click the top left checkbox and select all products or manually select the products you want images for: 
  14. Once you've got the products selected click Export at the top left of the page: 
  15. Here you got the choice of All Products, Selected: 2 Products or 50+ products matching your search if you filtered your search. Select Export as CSV for Excel, Numbers, or other spreadsheet programs: 
  16. You will get an export either emailed to you or downloaded onto your computer if the file is small enough: 
  17. Your product export will look like the above. Select it and drag it into Photo Finish: 

  18. Once you'd added you CSV it will look like this: 

  19. The final step is to hit Finish: 

  20. You'll see this screen once we've built you a new CSV: 

  21. Click download new CSV: 

  22. If you're on Chrome it will look something like this: 

  23. The new CSV will be named "csv_with_images_ PF-2020-06-14T23_42_45" 

  24. Extra Tip:  The Tag "PF-2020-06-14T23:42:45" will be added to all the products that we downloaded photos for this will help you identify all the products.

  25. Now head to the products page and import the new CSV: 

  26. At the very top of the product page hit Import: 

  27. Select the CSV we just downloaded and check Overwrite, then hit Upload and continue. 

  28. Now you're all finished. Watch as your photos stream into your products! 

  29. We've also got a video guide here: 

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